what is autoripper?

in summary, it is a software project in the early phases of planning/development.

i started it a few years ago as a means of automating the ripping of audio cds through the use of robotically controlled cdrom jukeboxes.
that initial version was nearly complete when i got thoroughly distracted and stopped working on it.
a bloody pity that is.

in this latest incarnation of the project, there are two new major design objectives:
  • open source
  • multiple platform support:
    • windows nt and its derivatives (2k, xp, etc.)
    • linux
    • mac os x
    • others i'd like to support:
      • netbsd
      • suggestions?
in support of the first objective, the entire project will be available under the terms of the GPL license.
in support of the second objective, the majority of the code will be written in C# when possible.

initially, i have been focusing my attention on creating the jukebox control code, which consists of several C# assemblies:
  • JukeboxLib - contains the abstract base classes
  • CDRSeries - contains the implementation for the NSM CDR100 series jukebox
  • CDCSeries - contains the implementations for the following jukebox families:
    • NSM Mercury (aka CDC150)
    • NSM Modular Series (Satellite, aka NSM2000, aka CDC050, for example)
(note: NSM was acquired by DISC.)

of the aforementioned jukebox models, i currently own (as of 12-20-2005):
  • (3) CDR100's - 100 slots each - 1 ripped apart in a failed attempt at upgrading its drive, 1 with a seized lift mechanism...1 of them has a cd burner
  • (3) Mercury's - (aka CDC150) - all with 150 slots - 2 model 40's (4 readers), 1 model 31 (3 readers, 1 writer)
  • (1) Satellite - (aka CDC050, aka NSM2000) - configured with 105 slots and 2 very fast readers

work on the jukebox control code is progressing very nicely.
i expect to release that code very shortly.

i will update this site, time permitting.

seamus casey

11/22/2005 initial tests yesterday compiling the JukeboxLib C# code from Mono's compiler were very promising.
only had one issue...apparently you cannot cast the result of 'byte.parse()' to an enum...changed to 'int.parse()', and all seemed well.
11/23/2005 gave a Mercury 31 to Max to allow him to do some testing of JukeboxLib under Mono for Linux.
11/28/2005 found a good deal on a Mercury 40 on eBay...that should arrive soon.
12/03/2005 generated some preliminary documentation for JukeboxLib with NDoc.
that documentation can be viewed here.
12/08/2005 max informed me that jukeboxlib was working under linux, communicating with a mercury 31.
12/10/2005 i finally got around to getting mono/monodevelop emerged on a gentoo system running inside a virtual pc.
works well.
even better is that jukeboxlib is working well under it.
12/14/2005 i bought another mercury 31 to give to stefanie.
she'll be assisting in the testing efforts and, perhaps some day, with the development efforts as well.
12/17/2005 i split jukeboxlib's command queue in half to take advantage of .net's remoting.
the queue now consists of a local and remote portion, with the remote portion exposed as a remoting server.
a rather pleasant surprise, is that the remoting infrastructure works between the ms and mono implementations!
this allows me to have a windows client (local queue) connect to a linux server (remote queue) or vice-versa.
12/20/2005 i have a used powermac g4 on the way.
this will allow me to test things under mac os x as well.
12/22/2005 the mac has arrived.
i have mono installed on it, but do not have monodevelop built yet.
i tried compiling some of the code manually (mcs ...), and it looks good thus far.
12/31/2005 not having much luck getting gtk and its dependencies built under mac os x.
i can build/run the non-graphical c# code on the mac...gui stuff will have to wait for now.
01/02/2006 been working on another portion of autoripper - SharedResourceLib.
this piece manages access to a set of shared resources, granting access to consumers serially.
this will be used by autoripper to control access to a jukebox's cd drives.
each cd to be ripped will be a consumer; each drive, a resource.
the resourcemanager is a remotable object, allowing it to have consumers from multiple apps simultaneously.
the resource factories are also remotable, decoupling them from the resource manager.
the resource factory is free to serve up resources using any creation pattern it chooses.
preliminary documentation can be viewed here.
01/29/2006 this is just an update to inform all that there are no updates...ummmm, yeah.

i do network security consulting on the side, and am currently spending a great deal of time working with a client.
i should be wrapping that up soon and look forward to focusing on coding again.

although, i am currently trying to get mono running under NetBSD.
02/01/2006 to the individual inquiring about the JukeboxLib code...
i tried to email you, but i got a non-delivery report.

please send me an alternate email address using the same means you used to contact me initially.

04/12/2006 it has indeed been a little while since i've had much time to devote to autoripper.

lately, i have been spending vast amounts of time updating my personal site seamuscasey.com.
10/14/2006 it has been far too long since i've worked on autoripper.

there has been much going on in my life that has gotten in the way of many things, autoripper included. but, here's the plan - i am moving soon, and once settled in, i plan on resuming development.

over the past few months, there has been an increasing interest in the project, including offers to assist in the development - that is much appreciated!

i will keep you up to date.

12/14/2006 now even autoripper has a myspace.

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